Get Ready to Lace Up!

Funny Sports Ecard: While I was running today I heard someone clapping, it was my thighs cheering me on.

Maybe this is the reason I turn up my music so loud when I’m running!  (A special thanks to my little brother for forwarding this to me, this is probably the funniest e-card I’ve seen.)

I’ve had a few folks asking  me for some running tips and some playlist ideas lately.  I can’t say I’m a running coach or expert, but I’ve done a handful of half-marathons and I sure  do enjoy the sport.  Here are a few tips that may help you discover that “runner’s high” too!

1. Stop thinking and get moving.  Don’t wait until next week or next month or until the weather gets nicer, just do it!  Even if it’s only down the street and back, get running.

2. Go shopping.  I keep buying the same brand of Asics running shoes every year- they just work for me!  I have friends that love Brooks and Saucony.  Head over to a running store and try a few brands out on their treadmill.  The staff at those stores usually do a good job of monitoring your stride and recommending what brand will fit you best.  (Go ahead, pick up a new shirt too- it’s all in the name of getting fit, am I right?!  I’m so much more motivated to work out when I have something new to wear!)

3. Pace yourself.  Too many people start out too fast and find themselves out of breath and out of steam.  Even now, when I’m training for a race and find myself wanting to quit, I simply tell myself, “run as slow as you can!”  I mean it!  Never stop picking up your feet, even if it’s embarrassingly slow.

4. Sign up.  Get yourself registered for something (a 1 miler or 5K is perfect for most folks starting out).  Knowing you have an event to prepare for is a great motivator! Many cities have local races during holidays like Thanksgiving. Google “Turkey Trot” along with your city, and there’s a good chance you’ll find one close by.

5. Get groovin’.  I mentioned how much I love new gear (shoes, watches, even socks!)  for getting out the door to run, but I also love me some new tunes.  Stock your ipod with a few new songs, and you’ll be AMAZED at how much faster you move and how much fun you have while doing it. When training for a race, as much as I love running with my friends, I find that my solo runs with my ipod are always a much quicker pace.

Here’s a few on my playlist now:  (No judging until you’ve hit the road with a few of these tunes!)

Gold Digger (Kanye West)

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Fall Out Boy)

Turn Up the Music (Chris Brown)

Second to None (Styles of Beyond)

Turn Around (Conor Maynard)

It’s Tricky (Run DMC)

Shawty Got Moves (Get Cool)

Greyhound (Swedish House Mafia)

Heads Will Roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

 Hee Hee.

*** I’m always on the lookout for clean versions of great songs, so if you have some good suggestions, let me know!***

More posts on running coming soon, but I hope these simple tips help you get going!  Now it’s YOUR turn… I want to hear about some of your running/jogging/walking tips!  What songs keep YOU going?


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